Virtual Reality

Training in virtual environments


How it works

Virtual Reality training is a fully immersive digital experience which can be adopted across all industries.  VR works by replicating any environment and allowing the trainee to operate as if they are physically present whilst removing all environmental risks. It’s the most effective form of digital training: immersive, interactive and engaging.

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What We Offer

iTRA is investing in the capability to revolutionise industry training through the use of VR technology. We can complement your existing online training with VR modules covering OHS Awareness, High Risk Work training or any other specific training you would like to discuss.

All VR modules include assessments and results can be sent to TrainTrac or your preferred training management system for reporting and compliance.  Assessments can be traditional questions & answers or have scenarios built into the virtual environment with instant feedback provided to the trainee.

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What’s Required

VR training requires a VR headset paired with a capable computer or a supported mobile device, depending on your chosen platform.  These can be supplied by iTRA or we can develop the training to suit the VR equipment you already have, ie. Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, etc.

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We Are Here For You

Upon commencing the course creation process you will be assigned one of our experienced Project Managers who will be with you every step of the way. From drafting up the initial storyboards to deploying the final product, we will consult closely with you to make sure what we are developing is exactly what you want.
Once the course is completed we offer ongoing maintenance packages to ensure your course is always kept up to date.

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