Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) merges the real world with the virtual world, enhancing our reality by overlaying virtual elements on everything we see around us, and it’s rapidly growing to become an essential tool across all industries, workspaces and even in our personal lives. As a tool it has the potential to transform the way we live, similar to the way mobile phones changed the way we communicate; Augmented Reality gives us access to an infinite amount of knowledge at our finger tips or right in front of our eyes.

iTRA develops bespoke Augmented Reality applications specifically targeting the areas of your business you need to make the biggest impact, whether that’s safety, efficiency or cost saving.

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Advantages of Augmented Reality in the Workplace


Reduce downtime by virtually letting the expert see what you see – with AR anyone can interact, assist and instruct remotely, ie. medics, engineers, safety experts, trainers and assessors.

Stimulating Learning

No more searching through clunky instruction manuals or maintenance diagrams when your AR app identifies the machine, the parts, the problem, and even orders the replacement parts.


Safety data available at the snap of your fingers – every past incident, or likely scenario or potential issue – relevant information accessible when and where you need it.

The Future is Now

It’s not just games like Pokemon Go! that have generated enormous interest. Organisations such as Porche, Honeywell, Boeing have achieved significant benefits from using Augmented Reality. Many other early adopters across various industries are seeing huge results using both mobile AR applications for phone/tablets or using AR equipment such as headsets.

Wearable AR equipment including headsets and glasses is developing rapidly and it’s becoming less expensive and more practical in the workplace. The major benefit of wearables is the ability to interact with the AR environment handsfree while you continue working normally. Handsfree AR is operated using your voice command or hand gestures.

iTRA can guide you to the most suitable hardware for your AR application and budget.

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Why choose iTRA?

Ready to go

Ready to go

We provide a complete package. We supply the best hardware and software solution for you.

Stimulating Learning

Experienced Team

iTRA has experienced developers in VR/AR/XR and over a decade of industry knowledge.

Continued Support

Continued Support

Once the project is done, we are not. We will provide continued support throughout the life of the product.

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