The Johnson & Johnson Institute is Enhancing Surgical Training

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November 3, 2020

In a world with increasing technological growth, old systems are no longer viable and certainly not sustainable and surgical training is no different, with complex procedures becoming more mentally taxing and strenuous. Surgeons need ongoing training to be kept up to date with the latest innovations that will aid them, more than ever before. 

Surgeons normally train by watching experienced surgeons working. There is a gap here where VR can help. It makes sense to watch a 3D representation of the real thing on a headset.

Osso VR has been made possible with Oculus for Business. This package has changed how companies go about creating solutions. It’s never been easier to create an enterprise grade product then it is now. 

Justin Barad, MD, seconds this. 

He is an orthopedic surgeon and software developer, who founded Osso VR after years of frustration in operating rooms. He states "There were always new medical devices, but we would literally be Googling how to use them while the patient was on the table," and goes on to say. "Learning curve data shows that you have to perform a new procedure 100 times to be proficient. So we often didn't use the new devices for safety reasons – we didn't have time to learn everything well enough."

Osso VR is expanding their training curriculum and VR training in the surgical field is proving its worth. Currently Osso VR has more than a dozen modules in use  and is sure set to expand on this.

So there are some promising new technologies to help the health industry. Many new medical devices fail to gain momentum in the growing field of medicine. But Osso’s VR technology coupled with Oculus for Business is a step in the right direction and a must-have moving forward in our technologically advancing world.

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