Adobe discontinuing Flash Player – clock is ticking for companies to update their online training

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September 24, 2019

Flash is close to the end and has essentially already become obsolete on the internet after Adobe committed to support its embattled software only to the end of 2020. Most browsers now block the Flash Player automatically or force you to give permission to run it causing headaches for IT support teams around the world. But in 2020, it’s all over for Flash and for any online training more than a few years old.

What to do

The good news is you still have enough time to identify how many of your online modules contain Flash elements and arrange for their replacement. Importantly, don’t think you can “wait for later” – there is no option to ignore this: If you don’t replace Flash in your training it will simply stop running.

Since Adobe announced in 2017 their intention to discontinue Flash, iTRA has developed all our client’s training using the HTML5 output which not only future proofs the training modules but also has the advantage of being mobile compatible.

Therefore, if you run older courses or use training developed by other providers, you’ll need to assess these carefully to identify any Flash elements and get them republished to HTML5. In some cases, you may need to do a redesign as some of the more complex Flash elements may not work with HTML5.


For 20 years Flash was a highly regarded format for developing complex graphical user interface elements, animations, embedded video, audio and web games and set the standard for high end e-learning modules. In recent years however, it has been highly criticised for its security flaws, performance, consumption of battery power and lack of cross-platform compatibility.

HTML5 runs on any device using any platform (IOS, Android, Microsoft, etc), so while this output has limitations on the complexity of graphic animations, the advantages of learner engagement and mobility of training, far outweighs the negatives.

Be Prepared

If your online training contains Flash animations you need to arrange to republish these modules to HTML5 before Flash is discontinued. By completing the conversion ahead of time the delivery of your training will continue seamlessly, effectively, and securely without disruption to your team.

Be prepared for the end of Flash in 2020 – act now to identify the extent of your Flash-based courses and avoid the rush in the last days.

Not sure if your training contains Flash? Contact iTRA for a quick and easy assessment.

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