Benefits of Converting Flash to HTML5

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June 12, 2019

Benefits of converting Flash to HTML5

It is true that Flash will be making a swift exit in 2020. It means, if you have not already started converting content, it is time to do so. Don’t worry this process will not be as difficult as you might be thinking. It is important to plan the conversion process well to reap the full rewards this conversion can give. Check out our previous Flash article for more information about how to tackle the conversion.

It is now essential to convert courses to HTML5, so knowing this work needs to be done, why not make the most of it?

Below are some key benefits this conversion will bring to your business:

Get to a bigger audience with HTML5

Organizations will be able to connect with a wider audience with HTML5. These days not many mobile devices are able to use Flash due to the lack of support for it. This means you are preventing a lot of your potential audience from being able to view your courses. Some Flash-based courses will not even run on browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer, as the Flash plugin needs to be downloaded. HTML5 does not require you to download a plugin, which means it’s compatible with all modern browsers.

eLearning on any device

HTML5 is much more efficient as it has significant optimizations over Flash. In the past, Learners have needed to use a desktop or laptop for more graphics intensive courses. Courses that have been converted to HTML5 will not only run faster but will work on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Best of all, HTML5 guarantees the courses will look just the same on any device.

Learn on the go

The world is becoming a busier place with technology coming out of the wazoo. It's important learners have the opportunity to view courses anywhere at any time and HTML5 provides this. It consumes less bandwidth than the Flash-based courses, and also uses less power which makes it perfect for mobile devices.

HTML5 Offers offline learning

Sometimes Employees need to be away from their normal work stations. They could be on the move with sales work or working in remote areas such as oil rigs, not to mention areas without good internet coverage. This is where offline learning really has its place. eLearners need the ability to be able to download their courses enabling use at a later date.

Increasing your ROI

The conversion from Flash to HTML5 makes good business sense. Its an opportunity to refocus content, revamp existing content or remove irrelevant content. Using outdated courses means a lot of online resources are going unused due to lack of browser support for Flash format. Flash to HTML5 will also affect ROI in a positive way. This is because existing content can now be made mobile-learning compliant and overall content will be enhanced.

Improving the learning culture

Because HTML5 is accessible on multiple devices, eLearners now have the ability to learn wherever and whenever they want. No longer does training have to take place on a certain day or time (business hours). Learners can now take their eLearning material home even without a desktop or laptop computer. Just a tablet or smartphone will be sufficient. This aids in developing a great learning culture within an organization.

eLearning for the future

The period of conversion from Flash to HTML5 offers the perfect time to update all eLearning content. Whether you are reusing existing content or completely rebuilding a course from scratch, finding the right tool will help make the conversion process a lot easier. With popular choices such as Adobe Captivate, Trivantis Lectora and Articulate Storyline, eLearners will be happy they will no longer have to download plugins for each different device they use with HTML5. By converting from Flash to HTML5 you are not only improving the experience for eLearners, but are also future-proofing the eLearning content.

In summary, no matter the state of your content, It is possible for it to be converted, or completely rebuilt in HTML5. The quicker you make a strategy and start this conversion, the sooner you will reap the rewards this process will give your business.

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