What is Augmented Reality and How Can It Help Your Business Today?

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December 18, 2018

Augmented reality is the technology that enlarges our physical world by adding digital information layers to it. Unlike the Virtual Reality, augmented reality doesn’t create a complete artificial surrounding to substitute real with virtual.  AR emerges an indirect vision of the existing location and adds graphics, videos, and sounds.

AR currently presents a new world of possibilities and situations for contemporary businesses. Majority of organizations and businesses share a common goal of getting new customers and clients to purchase their product and use their services. To specifically achieve these entities must engage meaningfully with potential customers, educate users about their services and products, and create long-term connections for future commerce.

AR is viewing of real-world physical atmosphere with superimposed processor generated images, hence shifting the real perception of reality.

Designing New Products

Envision developing a whole brand new car. There are myriad considerations at play: you want to innovate and achieve style without detracting from functionality. AR can ease this development, allowing visualization of the car’s different specifications before committing to building a model.

You need not to be a car designer to see this immense advantage. A new product that is costly to demo can be easily tested and visualized via AR before investing in the next step.

Helping Consumers Land on the Right Product

The biggest challenge about online shopping is that you don’t know whether that hutch fits well in your kitchen or that shirt will look good on you. These reservations stop consumers from making purchases. AR empowers you to try on glasses, clothes or jewelry by overlaying them onto your image. This can be done with the help of a smartphone camera or online. And you can try out a new couch in your warren to make sure the color and size are right.

Cosmetic shops are getting outfitted with AR mirrors overlaying different makeup looks and styles onto the customer’s face. The process is a more straightforward and quicker way to try out a new thespian transformation without using tester lipstick.

You can use sophisticated analytical tools to monitor customer’s preferences and provide customized product offers, therefore increasing the probability of purchases.

The world leading online retailer Amazon has implemented AR view features in a mobile application.

Improving Efficiency

AR can be helpful in identifying improvements in your business operations. Car manufacturers are testing capability using AR systems. They are empowered to improve the durability and safety of their vehicles.

Using AR to imagine and test new processes, scenarios or workflow gives advantages to firms that feel these procedures are slowing them down. The most efficient solution will be found from as many test scenarios as possible.

Marketing your Company

Most mobile games have been successfully engaging consumers with branded AR experiences. Businesses can promote themselves a good example is the Pokemon. Some offer coupons and discounts for visitors, while others are thrilled to get new clients in the door.

Companies are creating their own interactive experiences or scavenger hunt-style to drive interactions. Advertisers are connecting AR ads that appear to consumers while playing their favorite video games. In 2018 AR advertising is estimated to have reached $12.80.

The hyper-local nature of the AR makes it possible to reach people in your town or down the streets if you have a brick and mortar location.

Training your Employees

A considerable number of employees who receive sub-par training leave their job with the first eight months. Meaning there is a direct link between employment success and training and retention.

AR can help in an instance that manufacturing operations mistake has caused injury to the employees or has to shut down services. AR overlays critical information onto virtual display speeding up or increasing their progress.

Deliver Product Information Instantly

The modern customer is a digital consumer. Majority of shoppers are using mobile gadgets when shopping in traditional brick and mortar shops. Buyers use their smartphones to find product information, read product reviews and compare prices. AR allows enhancing buyers’ journey by giving instant product and service information. Clients can use their phones to receive valuable information and scan products on shelves about them instantly.

Provide Interactive Entertainment

Potential customers particular the youths are more interested in products accompanied by entertainment. AR technology opens up opportunities for retailers to boost sales through interactive experiences. It is more comfortable selling everyday place products since people get entertainment along with their products. AR can turn conventional paper books into interactive and immersive augmented reality books that interesting to interact with and read. AR can help instill the reading culture in children hence improving their academic performance.

Enhance In-store Product Positioning

Retailers know how important product placement is. Retail businesses take product placement sternly because placing a right product on the right shelves boosts purchase. Retailers have created detailed planograms for in-store space plan. However, products are frequently misplaced resulting in substantial financial losses for retailers.

AR provides an easy way to ascertain that products are well positioned on shelves according to the program. Employees can instantly check for misplaced products using portable devices to scan.

Increasing Sales

To gain ground and grow businesses need to increase sales. To overcome this challenge they use techniques like the augmented reality as launching market campaigns and offering competitive prices. AR is a secret weapon helping companies to drive sales and outperform competitors. One in four consumers will purchase a product after previewing it in AR. Hence augmented reality is not just a hot buzzword but an incredibly essential tool for online firms and their brick and mortar correspondents.

Augmented reality has potential in the retail industry. It is time to implement the AR. The cases above have illustrated that the world’s largest offline and online businesses have jumped on the AR bandwagon and others are following. To grow and stay afloat modern businesses are launching stellar marking campaigns using the AR technology, use in-depth data analysis to reach their audiences and provide almost instant customer support. These methods are critical and to succeed the innovations is to draw attention to the augmented reality that has taken the business world by a storm in the past years. And using AR gives you an advantage over your competitors that you should not miss out.

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